Helping The others Realize The Advantages Of Marathi Abhang

A mom serves her boy or girl but isn't going to display any indications of exhaustion or looking for returns for owning accomplished so. Tukaram Maharaj suggests, Do not make the display within your greatness to the earth. Otherwise you'll need to experience badly.

नामाचे सामर्थ्य का रे दवडीसी । का रे विसरसी पवाडे हे

Provide nearly anything that takes place on the God. God likes very much this technique of devotion. Be equanimous from the problem in which you materialize to end up. Exhilaration begets sorrow. A single has to buy his previous steps.

You'll enjoy wholesome fruits for those who sow a pure seed. He, who speaks sweet honeyed terms, places his body to good perform and it has a mind as pure as Ganga, relieves you of one's sorrows and agony on casting a evaluate him.

देवा तुझा मी कुंभार । नासीं पापाचें डोंगर

Right before grinding grains of wheat into flour, stones really should be thrown out following scrutiny. If not the flour are going to be spoiled.

We are able to mention that a person is ours if we could browse his head. He, that has an adamant head, has got to deal with a tough climate.

तसेच पंढरीच्या विठ्ठलाचे अखंड नामस्मरण करू लागले. त्यांना आलेल्या अनुभवातून ते एका अभंगात म्हणतात-

तुका म्हणे त्याचें कळलें आम्हां वर्म । जे जे कर्मधर्म नाशवंत ॥३॥

He, who displays courage by Placing his lifetime at stake, earns recognition in the Modern read more society and is also appreciated by his preceptor.

मज आतां कोणी आळवाल झणी । तुका म्हणे कानीं बहिरी जालें ॥३॥

हिरा ठेवितां ऐरणीं । वांचे मारितां जो घणीं ॥१॥

नाहीं तयाविण भुकेला विठ्ठल । येइल तैसा बोल रामकृष्ण ॥ध्रु.॥

The kid doesn't wish to listen to just about anything from Many others but dances with Pleasure on seeing the mother. Tukaram Maharaj states, Mother Vitthal I dont like anything with no you.

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