Fascination About Marathi Abhang

तुकारामांचे अभंग म्हणजे त्यांच्या निर्मळ वाणी आणि मनाचे प्रतिक होते. आपल्या जीवनातून आणि अभंगांतून शुद्ध परमार्थधर्माच्या स्थापनेचे कार्य त्यांनी चालू ठेवले.

ब्रम्हादिकांसि हें दुर्लभ उच्छिष्ट । नका मानूं वीट ब्रम्हरसीं ॥ध्रु.

The string inverts its situation and so would be the parrot. As a result of substantial voltage dread the parrot firmly grasps the string and forgets that it's got two feathers to fly away. The parrot is caught ultimately. Tukaram Maharaj claims that it's not surprising if creatures without the need of brains behave like this. It's shocking to find out human beings forgoing their biggest fascination for your pittance.

मकरकुंडलें तळपती श्रवणीं । कंठीं कौस्तुभमणि विराजित ॥२॥

A cow that grazes in woods has her thoughts involved with her calf that stays back. O Mother Vitthal, take care of me like your calf. I'm like a fish without the need of h2o owing in your neglect.

एकमेकांमाजी भाव एकविध । असे एक बोध भेदरहित

सांडवर कोणी न धरिती हातीं । प्रारब्धाची गति भोगूं आतां ॥२॥

The very best worship of God could be done because of the intellect. There is no want of devices and implements for carrying out a puja.

He whose devotion is for generating dollars, what awareness can he attain. He's meditating with his intellect packed with lust, how God can reside in his head. He keeps his eyes on fruits of work, can he ever be united Using the God.

मजसवें आतां येऊं नका कोणी । सासुरवासिनी बाइयानो ॥१॥

पळोनियां गेली झोप । होतें पाप आड तें ॥२॥

His mind is always engrossed with sensual subjects, no matter whether he can understand the God. Tukaram Maharaj states, that individuals who try to remember God with this kind of motives get more info will burn up their faces.

प्रसंगीं या नाहीं देहाची भावना । तेथें या वचना कोण मानी ॥२॥

रूप पाहतां लोचनीं । सुख जालें वो साजणी

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